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mardi, août 29, 2006

How do I see them.

Well I decided that this post is going to be in english although I've been writting in french since the begining of this blog. You'll understand why I'm posting it in english if you keep reading trough.
These days I have a lot of free time on my hands since I'm on vacation (that will end soon..sniff) and this allowed me to discover the blogging world.
It made me discover interesting and captivating bloggers that I keep track of because they are either funny , or having interesting topics and ideas to write about ...
Like many of you I guess, when you started in this world by reading and following other blogs , I began to form an idea in my head about the authors of these blogs . Of course I agree with everybody that this idea that you have in your head about the person behind the lines you read doesn't correspond to the real physical one in real life ...But it 's a sort of image that shapes into one's head through reading .
A few days ago , I came across Kareemfromegypt's blog, and he had this particular hillareous post in which he imagined this big party in which all the authors of the blogs he reads were invited. He then discribed according to the idea he formed about each of them , how they would act throught the party, who would be punctual, who would hang with who according to affinities, what would they be wearing, the topics discussed etc...I really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun to read.
Since today I have nothing to say in french, so I would like in this post to present through cartoons or photos how I'd imagine the authors of some of blogs I read and admire.

1-The first victim is going to be "Who's Ego".By going trough his writtings, you would imagine a funny,schrewed, arts/poetry loving person who has his own philosophical veiw about life.So,
Ladies and Gentelmen , I present to you Maxxedout:

2-The second one is Herlock Sholmes and his adventures.
From the infinite spaces of the World Wide Web telling us all these stories and adventures that keep happening to him. Through his writtings , you'd see a person with a sharp sense of humour living in a stressed world and makes his way through all these misadventures by charm and wit ...and anyways he's funny.So Ladies and Gentelmen from the infinite spaces , we present to you the adventures of Herlock Sholmes:

(sorry for the resolution)

3-The third person would be a revolutionary blogger , who loves open source ...and is being conveyed as the CHE of the blogger's realm. He went through a lot of troubles ...but he's back and safe.Ladies and Gentelmen , I present to you Alaa, from Manalaa.net:

4- Well , she's a girl with a lot of crazy thoughts, whose neighbours invaded her house and even used her washing machine, her computer , her shampoing etc and keeps calm and nice with them!!!! GRRR, how can she manage?...Besides her nagging neighbours , sometimes her family also picks on her but she's resisting. Ladies and Gentelmen , we have the honour to present to you Miss JessYass , who in this photo have started apparently to take action against her neighbours from using her house and stuff:

5-Even , when he's not blogging , he receives between 3000-4000 comments , some of them are arstsy/fartsy, others are attaking the pro-israeli-christian-right wing-demacratic , some are pro hizbullah/EL Quaeda/Wahabi base and others are just there to be there for the fun of it . So Ladies and Gentelmen , we present to you the Sandmonkey :

6-She was under fire when she told us about her vacation with her BF and staying in the same room.OMG, how come !!! and was attacked by all those cynical mentally retarded dudes. Well , she survived it thank God. She also managed in a very "Cleopatran" way to bring close together a religious jew and a religious muslim to unite hand in hand for the very first time in mankind's history against a pair of tits. So Ladies and Gentelmen , let's give a big applause to Miss Carmen and her adventures in Diasporic Land :
7-For the past five years , she's been studying law in North America , and was posting us on a regular basis with all her wonderfull adventures over there...But alas! upon her return to the Land of the Great Pharoes, she was shocked and disgusteted by what she saw.
Started to practice law, but the ungrateful refugees she's helping and the Cairo spooky cab drivers made her abondon all wordly matters and to turn into a nun in a secluded convent. So Ladies and Gentelmen, with a big ovation let's welcome Miss Forsoothsayer:

Before ending this post , I would like to apologize in advance to the concerned persons if any of the writtings or photos above have caused any offense. But ,I really like to read and respect all the bloggers, so please, DON'T KILL ME!!!!


At 30 août, 2006 07:24, Anonymous Anonyme said...

its nice to see you finally posting some stuff in English :)

My French is bad so i dont understand 85% of what you write :(

Je ne parle pas bien le francais.

anyway, i think this is a funny post, so what's the mental image you formed about me? :D

At 30 août, 2006 07:47, Blogger HATHOR said...

I'd see you the same way you look like in your avatar.A sort of a nice dude, always supportive when in need and with a good sense of humour. And also a sort of an artist.
Eh voila!

At 30 août, 2006 10:48, Blogger KareemFromEgypt said...

where is my photo? i thought i was the inspiration for this post

write more posts in english, je parle francais comme le liblib, et avec bla bla bloooo

ok ;)

but pick someone cute/teddy bear like

At 30 août, 2006 19:36, Anonymous Anonyme said...

>>>A sort of a nice dude, always supportive when in need and with a good sense of humour. And also a sort of an artist.

aww come on !! :P
thats very nice of you but i wanted the funny stuff !! i demand that you make fun of me !! dont just say nice things :P

At 30 août, 2006 22:25, Blogger HATHOR said...

Ok guys , you've asked for it....
Just give me some time to come up with something special for both of you :)!!

At 31 août, 2006 01:14, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Do I really sound like such a whiney baby?

At 31 août, 2006 08:12, Blogger HATHOR said...

Oh the SM himself here!!!
What a great honour!
No not exactly whiney you see, but you are the most 'prolific' very active blogger I've seen on earth....
Anyways no offense :)

At 31 août, 2006 09:39, Blogger Maxxed`ouT said...

Duuuudeee !
You really think i'm that hideous ?!
And i don't drink ....
His dress code is similar to mine tho ...
Nice try nevertheless !

At 01 septembre, 2006 03:49, Blogger Carmen said...

Awesome post!

At 03 septembre, 2006 00:38, Blogger HATHOR said...

Carmen : Thank you very much ! & hope you're prepared for your next 'battle' on your blog :)

Maxxedout: C'est pas autant la ressemblence physique avec yoda, mais c'est plutôt l'expression de son visage qui fait un peu 'Grand moment d'inspiration'. Thanks for youre comment :)

At 03 septembre, 2006 10:29, Blogger Herlock Sholmes said...

Hey!! AWESOME post..

As a BD fanatic, I loved the Asterix for Carmen (although I did notice that you selected one of the new ones without Goscini) and Lucky Luke for me with Ma Dalton



At 03 septembre, 2006 12:14, Blogger HATHOR said...

Thanks Herlock !! :)


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