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jeudi, mai 31, 2007

My own Party....

After this 'awfull' heat wave that we had over our 'Great Old City' for the past few days!!!

And after all friends, today is 'Thursday', & here I am posting this ...

It feel like one of these 'Thursday Nights' where I'd rather be left alone, & really be left to my 'Own World'!
Woudn't hang around tonight, or go partying somewhere ... Wouldn't want to socialize, that's all about it!!

However, I'm having my own entertainment 'Program' set for tonight, I have chilled a bottle of Rose (No problem. tomorrow, I'm not working), I have a nice Movie to watch, + 'ordering Indian food' (well cooking isn't one of my strongest points, & I really know nothing about!!!! :) )

Well, Ii have to pay the delivary man.... Ciao & Bonne Thursday Night to everybody around!!

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