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samedi, mai 26, 2007

Shopping ...

This second message today reflects my "Shopping Spree" :

I went on this shopping spree, today...Actually. it wasn't really planned or anything..But was decided on the spur of the moment just like that, whithout any previous plans!!!

At the begining I was really apprehending the carene traffic , the crowds & all the hassel that goes with...I should admit that I don't have anymore this patience for window shopping from one store to the other, nor the patience to compare, try, & decide on what I really need...

I found myself walking in this street in this urban neighbouhood, without giving any attention to what was displayed in those infinite windows..All what I recall, is a "Cacaphony of colours", crowded shop-windows that don't invite you to stop & watch...Each shop window is so crowded with a lot of articles confined in such a small space...

But finally after wandering around, I discovered this sort of place where you can find everything!!! Like Wow!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!!! Here in Egypt!!!

From Ladies/women's/Girl's » Swimware/Underware… to design Clothes… Accessories etc…for all ages …All in one place!!!! That’s really Great!!!+ the fact that I don't have to go to different places!! & not to be discouraged by the Careen traffic & the "uninviting" shop windows....

But! Friends wait!!! It was a mere daydream!!!

To be assisted by such gloomy "Sales" faces' OVER THERE…Thanks a lot & Merci Beaucoups!!!!

You’d feel that If 'd ask for ‘Colours”, “Sizes” etc… It's like committing a crime!!!! “OMG!!!” & you have to present your excuses, of course for disturbing their peace!!!!

You walk around in “this shop” for a while, and nobody comes to attend you… What A Service & What a waste of money!!! "Hello!!! is anybody here???"

What startles me is that you’re there in that shop, ready to spend money..& yet you'd feel that you're treated like a sort of “Bullshit”, "Because you're nagging them somehow!

No "Customer Care", no" Sense of Business"....

My Friends, 'No Sense At All ' is governing today our lives here in this place...
After all this hassle, I went home, carrying a very small shopping bag with a pair of sports socks inside & another one with a DVD!!!

Actually, that wasn't really what I planned to buy from the start!!!

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At 27 mai, 2007 15:01, Blogger Mando said...

its this type of attitude thats always around these days in LOTS of places, its probably because the staff in that place didnt have a supervisor or a manager around and just kept slacking, or even worse... their supervisor WAS there and he/she didnt think they were doing anything wrong... and that you're not supposed to get some service..

its just a really lazy attitude problem... in my opinion

At 28 mai, 2007 20:58, Blogger Hathor said...

But do we always need a supervisor or manager around, in order to do your job right??
I'd call that a "professional honesty"


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