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samedi, mai 26, 2007

Banging Thaughts

Here I am after getting back home, sitting in front of a TV set, watching a movie!!! A typical thing that lots of us would do!

Don’t know why, my head is refusing to follow the events of this movie, although , I’ve always wanted to watch it! I’m wondering why, am I so aloof from it…although, It’s a Nice movie, that I always wanted to see! But I lost my concentration… Lost it all!!!

In my head, so many thoughts, ideas, voices are all coming rushing together loudly!!!!…. & I don’t really know how to deal with them!!!

They keep on banging in my head, one after the other…asking “If… If… & If’s…”

With all of these questions in my head, I lost all my coordinates in order to sail peacefully to my aimed destination in this world… Lots of questions are echoed in my ears… Lots of “If’s” are staggered in my head… Don’t really know where to go???

But fortunatly, in this total confusion & mess, I keep hearing this little deep voice; a deep friendly voice of wisdom, telling me the right coordinates in order to set my course on, so that I can resume my jorney & navigation in order to reach my own lost “Paradiseon this earth!!

Well excuse me my friends, after all of these 'Banging taughts', I have to run to cook dinner ...Or Run for a shopping "spree":

Bon Appetit...:) Ou Bon "Shoppinh Spree"

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At 27 mai, 2007 15:05, Blogger Mando said...

all those "if's" you're talking about...
are they things that u have a hand in, i mean can u do something about them?
or are they things that u are just afraid of happening and that u cant do anything about?

if its the second probability then i really suggest that u stop worrying :)
just live the moment u're in, listen to the little deep inner voice u taked about..
and try to find some inner peace :)

At 29 mai, 2007 20:31, Blogger Hathor said...

That's correct Mando!.. I'm following my own 'deep liitle voice' :)


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